Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Mood Swings

Wednesdays web review made me realise that sometimes you know what kind of mood you are in, but you cannot think of any tunes to play. With you can use the really simple interface to start a radio broadcast of music that match your mood or the tempo you desire.

The control panel sits on the left of the screen - use the tabs labelled mood and dance to choose how you want to define your music selection.

Mood is the most interesting for me, allowing you to click to place the locator anywhere from calm to energetic and dark to positive. If you like some genres more than others then use the tick select boxes in the list below, and finally hone in on the era the pleases your ears using the date slider above.

The low-fi player is free for unregistered users - the quality is not perfect but is OK, especially if you are looking for inspiration about what artists to buy to expand your collection.

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