Monday, 12 November 2007

Classic Shows

If you’re passionate about classic TV shows, then check out . On this site you can watch stacks of classic programmes, and it’s the place to see stars like Groucho Marx and the Three Stooges along with other classic movies, music and commercials.


tomficara said...

Hi Bill:

This is Tom Ficara blogging you from Sunny Las Vegas where we operate TV4U.Com. Just wanted to thank you so very much for your kind mention and to let you know that we are about to unleash a torrent of English programs on the broadband network in 2008. The first series is the Edgar Wallace Mysteries, which got little exposure here in the States but is an excellent show. Dateline Europe also just went up. In addition, you can look for cricket to begin to appear on the TV4U sports channel.
Again, thanks for finding us and always let us know what you think we should be adding to the channels.

Bill said...

Thanks for your comment. if you have any other good websites I can promote on the radio then please let me know. One question for you. How did you locate my blog.