Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Isle of Man - A different way of life.

Spent time in the Isle of Man this weekend and whilst there took the oppertunity to have a drive round and see their way of life and how it differs from here in the UK.

They have their own laws and parliament as well as currency. People of the Isle of Man will accept English bank notes but people in England are reluctant to accept Isle of Man money. Why not. Its value is the same.

Saw some interesting places and talked to lots of the local yokels about the island. Its a great place. I`ve been before and either work or play, whatever the reason, I would go again.

These folk even have their own customs and whilst driving across the southern tip of the island heading west I came across Fairy Bridge which has its own folklore. It is considered bad luck to pass over the bridge without acknowledging the fairies known to be there. Some people write little messages and wishes on paper and tie them to the trees next to the bridge. Perhaps they are hoping for a little fairy magic!

Tynwald, is the Island's parliament, The annual ceremonial meeting in July on Tynwald Day, the Island's national day, continues to be held at Tynwald Hill, where titles are announced and a brief description of the new laws enacted by Tynwald during the previous year is given.

You learn something every day.

All in all a great weekend and now I`m back then things will get back to normal with my radio work.

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