Thursday, 26 March 2009


I am sick and tired of my email inbox being bombarded with emails from friends who innocently send me virus warnings that are hoaxes. Why cant people by arsed to check their validity before forwarding loads of unneccessary emails to everyone in their address book.

For example the LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL VIRUS. biggest load of bullshit I`ve heard this week.

Take a look at I really do wish people would follow up any virus email they get to see if its genuione and this one is another bloody hoax and it ends up in my inbox cos the people that forward ity on are either too bloody idol to check it out or they panic and cos they panic then they like to pass it on and cause everyone else to panic. Its like hearing a rhumor in the street and it gets passed on to someone else. Does no one ever stop to check out the truth.. Another bloody hoax. Theres loads of them.

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