Saturday, 5 December 2009

Review Centre

Find out what people think of thousands of different products at this consumer-review website.
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After 10 years of amassing consumer opinions, Review Centre was starting to look a bit creaky. Now the popular site has been spruced up and is slicker, quicker and easier to use.

Draped in regal purple and blue, the revamped layout makes finding product and service reviews a doddle, be it through browsing the tidied-up category menus, clicking keyword tags or using the search box. The community aspect of the site is more prominent, with the best member opinions flagged on the homepage, and the presentation of reviews has also been significantly improved. With further features to be added soon, including video reviews, Review Centre deserves a five-star rating.

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jonathan said...

Hi Bill - thanks very much for the writeup :) Glad you enjoyed using the website