Thursday, 21 December 2006

Stop Bullying

On Thursday 21st December 2006 we talked about bullying and reviewed is an accessible site advising children and their parents and teachers on how to deal with text abuse and threats. In 2005, the NCH, the children's charity, found that one in five 11 to 19 year olds had been bullied or threatened through malicious texting.

The site looks at various types of electronic bullying, either via mobile phones or email and the web. Geared towards children, it advises on the steps to take to stop this happening from the people to turn to and the importance of keeping records of incidents.

A section is for parents, linking them through to other useful resources on the internet.

Text bullying is when someone abuses or threatens you by text, and it’s just as bad as them doing it at school or in the street. And because there’s loads you can do with mobiles and PCs now – like checking emails on your mobile, picture messages and online chat – someone could also use those to text bully you through your mobile or PC. All bullying is wrong. is here to help you make a text bully stop. Just click on the kind of text bullying you’re worried about to get started!

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