Sunday, 17 December 2006

Windermere Ferry

This is a webcam showing Windermere Ferry from the hawkeshead side of the lake.View the ferry in real time, look in advance before traveling to see if the ferry is running and also see in real time what the weather is doing as well as looking at the lake and any queues of traffic waiting for the ferry. The website is a must if you are intending using the ferry but also a good site toi see what the weather is like in the lakes.. Check out


Подсолнечник said...

Yes, you really need to use the webcam if you're thinking of using the car ferry. Most of the time it spends resting at Ferry Nab - they're not allowed to run it in anything more than a gentle breeze in case the cables get stretched! Yes, seriously. It's an insurance thing.

Bill said...

I never knew that. I suppose its logical really thinking of the insurance side of things