Thursday, 8 May 2008

Buddy Mapping

With the growing popularity of social networking sites and online gaming communities, people's circles of friends can often extend across the continents. helps you keep tabs on your virtual contacts.

Using the architecture of Google maps this site allows you to create your own personalised maps and then invite friends and contacts to pin themselves to their location, adding a picture, e-mail or web address and even a link to their MySpace or Facebook pages.

Just register using your e-mail address and password to begin, then give your map a title and description and a dedicated URL extension that makes sense.

Once done you can e-mail this URL to others in your community, or link to it from a forum or website.

Participants only need to click the orange button to add themselves to the map, no registration is needed, and you will begin to build up a picture of where you all sit in the world.

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