Monday, 19 May 2008

Wondering How To....

Are you the curious type? Well the web is alive with how-to guides and step-by-steps, but there is nothing quite like seeing a process demonstrated live - is rich with great video content, caught my eye.

At WonderHowTo you will find a multitude of how-to guides in video form, covering everything from making a 3D dragon that follows you with its eyes to squeezing a spot in the proper way - how pleasant.

There is a clip of the day at the top of the homepage and then under that, three columns of fresh, hidden gems and hot video picks for you to peruse.

When you are through looking at the recommended picks, you can dig deeper using the category menu.

There is so much here to see, pulled from literally every corner of the web, it is a delight. And likely to suck up half your day, so be warned.

And of course like any site of this type, there is some adult content to be found, so best not to let minors browse here alone

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