Thursday 21 December 2006

Stop Bullying

On Thursday 21st December 2006 we talked about bullying and reviewed is an accessible site advising children and their parents and teachers on how to deal with text abuse and threats. In 2005, the NCH, the children's charity, found that one in five 11 to 19 year olds had been bullied or threatened through malicious texting.

The site looks at various types of electronic bullying, either via mobile phones or email and the web. Geared towards children, it advises on the steps to take to stop this happening from the people to turn to and the importance of keeping records of incidents.

A section is for parents, linking them through to other useful resources on the internet.

Text bullying is when someone abuses or threatens you by text, and it’s just as bad as them doing it at school or in the street. And because there’s loads you can do with mobiles and PCs now – like checking emails on your mobile, picture messages and online chat – someone could also use those to text bully you through your mobile or PC. All bullying is wrong. is here to help you make a text bully stop. Just click on the kind of text bullying you’re worried about to get started!

Wednesday 20 December 2006

Francis Frith

Wednesdays show saw me review a website showing nostalgic photos, not only of the Furness area but all over the UK. is a website all about local nostalgia and has old photos of areas not only in Cumbria but all over the uk. Take a moment to remember places that have been important in your life and look back at photos of your chosen area. I reviewed the website and spent some time on it and found plenty of old photos including some real nostalgic pictures of Barrow, Dalton, Lindal, Ulverston, Lakeside, Leece, Lindale, Windermere, kirkby, Urswick, Greenodd, Haverigg, Millom, Newby Bridge, Grange and flookburgh plus many many more. The site also contains Historic Maps Including Historic Ordanance survey maps

Tuesday 19 December 2006

Pub Explorer

Pub Explorer is the UK’s leading national internet pub guide. Started in 1998, there are now over 4000 pubs, inns and hotels in this pub guide, each with comprehensive pub details including real ales, pub food, accommodation, pub entertainment and facilities. The Pub has a leading role in British life and this pub guide allows you to quickly find the pub you are looking for. Check it out at

Monday 18 December 2006

Visit Cumbria

Monday Night saw me reviewing yet another cumbrian website saying that Barrow-in-Furness is a large industrial town which grew from a tiny 19th Century hamlet to the biggest iron and steel centre in the world, and a major ship-building force, in just 40 years. The railway was introduced to carry iron-ore, slate and lime-stone to the new deep water port. Its prosperity grew with the development of the steel and ship-building industries. Find out more about the Furness peninsulas at

Also worth visit is and find out about other towns in cumbria

Sunday 17 December 2006

Windermere Ferry

This is a webcam showing Windermere Ferry from the hawkeshead side of the lake.View the ferry in real time, look in advance before traveling to see if the ferry is running and also see in real time what the weather is doing as well as looking at the lake and any queues of traffic waiting for the ferry. The website is a must if you are intending using the ferry but also a good site toi see what the weather is like in the lakes.. Check out

Thursday 14 December 2006

Keep Kids Out Of Trouble is a web site sponsored by the government aimed at keeping kids out of trouble by providing an understanding of how the criminal justice system works. The site follows the stories of four youths and looks at the consequences of their actions in a bid to make youngsters think twice before embarking on a life of crime. There's also information on legal jargon and sentencing.

Wednesday 13 December 2006

Life Is Busy

Wednesdays web site review was all about "Busy Lives". Are youforgetful or too busy to remember things then you need . Its an online diary where you can enter information, birthdays, anniversarys and reminders. You can even have them emailed to you so you never forget them and if you're not that busy, there's even a games section to help you fill those empty days.

Pirate Radio

Tuesdays web site review was all about pirate radio in the 60s and 70s. Lets face it, without it then commercial radio wouldnt be here as it made the government realise there was a need for commercial radio. Check out and take a look at the rebels of radio during the 60s and 70s. The site features old radio recordings and other broadcasting memorabilia

Monday 11 December 2006

Think U Know

Monday 11th December 2006 web site review is all about on line security. Any parent whose child goes online will no doubt have worried about who they might meet and talk to in cyberspace. Do you know who you are talking to online? "Think U Know" is a site set up by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre in the UK, but its advice is relevant wherever you are. Check out

Sunday 10 December 2006


Sunday 10th December 2006 web review is all about Education. Check out as education is important and what I like about this web site is that it recognises and caters for everyone. Everything is very self explanatory and nicely designed. There are games, study tools and plenty for the teacher and parent too.

Thursday 7 December 2006


On Thursday 7th December 2006 I reviewed a website all about pronunciation of English words. Its a simple concept presented simply. You will need sound and all you do is type your word you need help with in the box and the website will speak it out to you how it should be pronounced. Check out

Friday 1 December 2006

The Askam Herald

The web site review for Thursday is all about the village of Askam In Furness. Check out The Askam Herald at The site contains a collection of news items relating to askam and currently has over 1000 visitors a month.