Wednesday 30 April 2008


It might be the least known of the mapping services but is accurate and packed with impressive features. You'll find functions & symbols that you won't recognise from other map services, so prepare to spend some time getting used to it. Once you're up and running, it's straightforward to get a location or a route. The site recognises addresses and/or postcodes. If you type in part of an address it will bring up a list of possibles from which you can select the one you want. The service also automatically zeros into your location on the map. website.

Tuesday 29 April 2008

DIY Fix It is a delightfully designed site offering clear, concise advice. that gets the balance between information and entertainment just right. The advice is extensive without being overwhelming and their Fun section is to this site what a well-earned cuppa is after several hours of hard, back-breaking work. Plus, it has more links than B&Q have claw hammers. Put down that wallpaper steamer and visit this site now

Monday 28 April 2008


I’ve not mentioned free photo editing software on the show before but I want to draw your attention to one in particular - and it is thanks to a guy called Irfan from Austria.

IrfanView is one of the most popular graphic and photo editing suites on the web and it has just had an upgrade. Check out

At 1MB it is a tiny download which is both powerful and efficient so it runs smoothly on older or slower machines too.

As well as the usual cropping, rotation and colour correction - IrfanView sorts out red eye and offers a variety of creative effects. A couple of features caught my eye. Load an image and press enter - the programme's screen furniture disappears to offer a full screen display. Now left click to go back and right click to go forward - an easy way to show off your photos at your own pace. There is a slideshow option too.

Another great feature is the ability to create a panoramic photo by stitching your snaps together. Many cameras are now sold with this sort of software but if you do not have it yet this is an easy way to make great vistas quickly.

Although IrfanView only works on PCs and not Macs at the moment, it does support a wide range of file formats. And this is where it performs another great trick! If you want to change a whole folder of pictures - say from Tiff to Jpeg - you can batch convert them all in one go.

Thursday 24 April 2008

Pet Friendly Hotels

Whilst spending some time in the Isle of Man last weekend I couldnt help but notice the amount of "Dog Friendly Hotels" This is ideal is you want a short break in the Isle of Man but don`t want to leave your dog behind.

If the idea of leaving your pampered pooch behind while you swan off on holiday brings you out in a cold sweat, perhaps this new website could be the answer to all your prayers. is a guide to all UK hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and guesthouses that not only welcome dogs but also offer an online room booking facility. The simple site, created by a group of Somerset pet owners, also gives brief details of a hotel's facilities, ratings and room availability. We were rather impressed to get results for all our random searches - There's not much more to say about the site, its easy to use, its helpful and original.

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Word On The Street

Wednesdays website review was about the word on the street. If you like to hear the news, rather than read it visit as it turns all the latest news and event stories into audio for you to listen to. You can also share clips with friends if there’s something you know they’d enjoy

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Pocket Rocket

If you’ve got an important website to remember, but no pen and paper, visit . This site stores all your important web addresses so you can view them anytime and from anywhere. You can also set reminders if there’s an important email to send or file to download.

Isle of Man - A different way of life.

Spent time in the Isle of Man this weekend and whilst there took the oppertunity to have a drive round and see their way of life and how it differs from here in the UK.

They have their own laws and parliament as well as currency. People of the Isle of Man will accept English bank notes but people in England are reluctant to accept Isle of Man money. Why not. Its value is the same.

Saw some interesting places and talked to lots of the local yokels about the island. Its a great place. I`ve been before and either work or play, whatever the reason, I would go again.

These folk even have their own customs and whilst driving across the southern tip of the island heading west I came across Fairy Bridge which has its own folklore. It is considered bad luck to pass over the bridge without acknowledging the fairies known to be there. Some people write little messages and wishes on paper and tie them to the trees next to the bridge. Perhaps they are hoping for a little fairy magic!

Tynwald, is the Island's parliament, The annual ceremonial meeting in July on Tynwald Day, the Island's national day, continues to be held at Tynwald Hill, where titles are announced and a brief description of the new laws enacted by Tynwald during the previous year is given.

You learn something every day.

All in all a great weekend and now I`m back then things will get back to normal with my radio work.

Thursday 17 April 2008

Up My Sleeve

The next time you want to impress someone with your magical skills, you might want to steal some tips from . There are tricks for adults, children, beginners and experts so everyone will be a practising Paul Daniels by the end of the day. You can even watch video clips of the stunts to make sure you’re getting them just right

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Top of Trivia

Wednesdays website review is about trivia.

If you’ve got a big pub quiz coming up or just want to sharpen your general knowledge then visit . The site has thousands of facts ranging from the extremely interesting to the completely pointless. Either way, it’s a fun way to spend some surfing time.

Website reviews

I am being inundated with emails from people asking me if I can review their website on the radio and give it a free plug. As much as I dont mind doing this I must point out that there are certain limitations and restrictions.

Your website or any other website you would like to review must be either for fun, be educational or non-profit making. Basically providing its not a business website then it should be ok.

If you would like me to take a look at your website or you would like to get it promoted on the radio then email me with the website details and a few lines saying what its about and listen out to the show to hear it reviewed.

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Pie and Mushies

Tuesday night I was joined by local blogger Rosie Mitchell to promote her new web blog all about Barrow. Its not just pictures but meaningful words as well.

Check out her website at

Rosie chatted about her mission to take at least one photo a day and publish it together with the meaning behind it.

Click Here to download the interview.

Photos will be posted soon.

Monday 14 April 2008

Brain Box

Sometimes its good to give your mind a bit of a mental workout. That’s why is full of mind puzzling games and illusions for you to get your brain around. And don’t worry if you’re not the biggest brianiac around, there are puzzles for beginners as well.

Thursday 10 April 2008

On The Box

If you’re settling down for a night in front of the TV but don’ fancy whats on the box, there’s a website that can help. is a free TV site where you can select from a whole library of TV shows and make up your own evenings entertainment

Wednesday 9 April 2008

Pump Up The Volume

If you’re always on the lookout for new bands and artists then visit . Their tem of specialists recommends unsigned bands whose songs and videos you can download. You can also browse albums to buy, read music blogs and enter competitions. And if you’re in a band looking for promotion then upload your music and keep your fingers crossed

Tuesday 8 April 2008

Crime Fighter

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a detective, take a look at . This website is great for anyone who enjoys putting clues together and solving conundrums. The site is a combination of online mysteries and games and there’s also a community games section so you can join forces with others.

Monday 7 April 2008

Wine Buff

If you enjoy the odd glass of wine but don’t know your Chardonnay then why not try . With honest reviews from everyday wine drinkers you’re bound to find the perfect drink for you. The site currently holds information on more than 10,000 wines, which are all available in the UK.

Thursday 3 April 2008

On The Road Again

Thursday Nights website review

When you’ve got a long journey ahead then being prepared is vital. is a directory of services and facilities available to motorists within 5 minutes of each motorway junction. This handy website means you will never find yourself stuck for a petrol station, hotel or toilet ever again.

Wednesday 2 April 2008


If you fancy learning a new language and making friends at the same time then visit . This free site will give you the chance to test your new skills with millions of people from 250 countries speaking 80 different languages. It’s a great opportunity to speak to natives and learn local phrases

Tuesday 1 April 2008

Going Green

If you’re finding it hard to stay green this year then help is at hand at this site will give you just one thing to do a month to change about your lifestyle and help the environment. Keeping green will be easier than flicking off a light switch