Tuesday 31 March 2009

These Boots Were Made For Walking

Going for a long walk might be the last thing on your mind. But there's one website that wants you to step out of your car and go for a stroll. Walkit.com lets you pick a start and an end location in your chosen city, and then tells you the quickest way to walk from A to B. It also gives you an estimate of how long your journey will take you.

Monday 30 March 2009


Searching the Internet can be a bit of a bind. Trust me, I do it for a living, and it never gets any easier wading through page after page of text and links.

Well, finding something of interest became easier after I came across the little gem www.kosmix.com

The idea behind this search facility is that it takes your query and returns information in the form of a bespoke webpage, including text summaries, pictures and links.

This website was originally created as a vertical search engine for information about health, automobiles and travel.
But it has now been transformed into a universal search engine for all subjects in the Internet cosmos.

Data is sourced from a wide range of places, such as Flickr, Google, Wikipedia, TheFind, Yahoo Answers, Amazon, Truveo, and YouTube.

This gives you an incredibly diverse selection of reading and watching material, and it is all laid out in a really palatable format.

Sunday 29 March 2009

My Pet Peeves

Sometimes its good to get things off your chest. And if you need a platform to shout from visit www.mypetpeeves.com. Just write a post on your biggest pet peeve and leave it online for other people to agree or disagree with. You can also leave your own comments on other people’s biggest irritations.


Find out more about British Summertime together with a list of Bank Holidays and more at www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/LivingintheUK/DG_073741

Dont forget to put clocks forward 1 hour at 1am

Saturday 28 March 2009

Ask For Advice

If you’re considering making some life-changing decisions in the near future, why not pay a visit to www.freshties.com.

This site lets you chat to other people and get advice on a range of things from career moves to parenting and travelling. It’s free to use, you need to register to join, and you can also create a blog on the site to tell other members what you are up to.

Friday 27 March 2009

Smash Your Screen

Have you ever felt so angry at work that you wanted to smash your computer screen? Well www.brokenself.com is just as satisfying and a lot less messy and expensive. Keep clicking and watch the cracks appear on your screen, very satisfying!

Thursday 26 March 2009


I am sick and tired of my email inbox being bombarded with emails from friends who innocently send me virus warnings that are hoaxes. Why cant people by arsed to check their validity before forwarding loads of unneccessary emails to everyone in their address book.

For example the LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL VIRUS. biggest load of bullshit I`ve heard this week.

Take a look at http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/lifeisbeautiful.asp I really do wish people would follow up any virus email they get to see if its genuione and this one is another bloody hoax and it ends up in my inbox cos the people that forward ity on are either too bloody idol to check it out or they panic and cos they panic then they like to pass it on and cause everyone else to panic. Its like hearing a rhumor in the street and it gets passed on to someone else. Does no one ever stop to check out the truth.. Another bloody hoax. Theres loads of them.

Karaoke Party

www.karaokeparty.com is a web based version of the playstation game “SingStar”.

Karaokeparty lets you croon along to your favorite tracks. You don’t need a microphone but if you do use one then the site will automatically rate your performance provided that you have registered.

Your score will be visible to other users and you can attempt to secure a place on the leader board. You can also make friends and chat to other singers.

Broadband Speeds

Just been checking the speed of my Broadband connection as it seems very slow lately and a good site with eay to understand results is www.speedtester.bt.com I`m getting 4 and half meg out of a possible 8. Not too happy with that as I used to get around 6 meg.

Wednesday 25 March 2009

The Over 50s

If you believe that the older you get the wiser you get, you’ll love www.the50plus.co.uk. This site helps you to avoid flash young cowboys by finding a mature handyman to help you out. It will provide you with experienced, reliable workers for plumbing, electrical work, gardening and carpentry jobs.

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Computer Advice

If you’re a bit of a technophobe, you might want to take a look at www.helpwithpcs.com. This site has lots of useful information on how to keep your PC running smoothly, plus handy tips and tricks.

Photos by Rosie

Abbey FM head of News Rosie Hillman has set up her own photography business after the demise of Abbey FM. She is a photographer based in Barrow in Furness in Cumbria and is ready to take photos of your band, your baby, your dog or your wares!

She is not just limited to work in Furness and will travel anywhere in the country/world!

She offers an alternative to that dated concept of the stiff studio family portrait session. Instead, if you like walking the dog on the beach as a family, she will come along with you and take pictures of the wind in your hair and the sand between your toes! She says. If you're a footy-mad family, then we'll go for a kick about in the park and I'll capture the goals you score and the smiles on your faces. You get the idea!

For businesses or bands, organisations or groups, I'm passionate about helping you get the perfect images to promote yourself!

Please do get in touch for availability and prices. on 01229 831569.

Contact Info


Monday 23 March 2009

Free Stuff

It’s always nice to get something for free, which is why www.free-stuff.co.uk is the gift that keeps on giving. This site is full of free offers for you to choose from including make up, supermarket vouchers and free wines.

Sunday 22 March 2009

Recycling Revolution

You hear a lot of talk these days about the environment - and the need to recycle in order to preserve precious resources. Sounds easy. But how much do you really know about recycling and how to live in harmony with the planet?

www.recycling-revolution.com is a website I've found that offers a really down-to-earth introduction to all things recycle related. And it's not as simple as you might imagine.

There are all sorts of rules and guidelines to adhere to if you want to make your recycling the most efficient, and ways to recycle you might not have thought about before - such as selling old clothes and toys in a yard sale or carboot sale.

This site was created by a lady trying to educate her husband on what can and cannot be recycled. It's plain and to the point and emphasises the fact that every little counts.

Saturday 21 March 2009


One of those 'must have' tools if you are a gamer, overclocker or desktop modder.

www.samurize.com provides all the information you need about all your computers in one central location in the form of a "config," similar to a widget or gadget, that can be placed anywhere on your desktop.

To this you can add information such as CPU usage, disk utilisation, network traffic, system temperatures, top processes, memory information and loads more.

There are scripts or plugins which can display weather reports, news headlines, music controllers - you can even use the scripts to create a text file to be displayed on your desktop - for example a to-do list.

Combine this with an autohotkey command to update the list when you think of something new to do and you are well on your way to calling yourself a serious desktop modder!
This is for total tech heads only. It is designed for use on Windows XP and 2000, with Vista fixes due out in the next build.

If you fancy having a go and need more help than the rather dry text tutorial on the website, checkout
Publish Post
YouTube as there are plenty of great visual guides if you search for Samurize.

Friday 20 March 2009


RSI is a common complaint for regular computer users. In the case of computing it is caused by repeating the same keystrokes or mouse movements over and over again.

www.autohotkey.com is the URL where you can download a custom macro script writer which sits in your system tray and overrides Windows' default hotkeys so that you can design your own.
This looks incredibly complicated - but once you have stepped through the quick start tutorial you will realise it is really not that hard at all.

By loading up your script files with instructions to do pretty much anything you would want to do regularly, you can not only preserve your body from the strains of RSI but you can also save valuable time.

Want to open your favourite search engine? Write a macro so that you can do it on one keystroke.

Need to write your signature and contact details in an email or on a letter?

Yet again you can easily create a hotkey that performs this task at the press of a button.

Thursday 19 March 2009

A New Language

Learning a foreign language can be very difficult. And if you know someone who’s trying to get to grips with English, send them to www.my-english-dictionary.com. This site let’s you learn new words by showing you how it’s spelt, a picture of it and how to say the word.

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Scatter Brain

Learning a foreign language can be very difficult. And if you know someone who’s trying to get to grips with English, send them to www.my-english-dictionary.com. This site let’s you learn new words by showing you how it’s spelt, a picture of it and how to say the word.

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Magic Taxi

We all need to use search engines, whether it’s for work or play. And www.magictaxi.co.uk claims to be the web’s happiest website, because it donates 50% of its advertising revenue to charity. So next time you need to find an answer, log on and you could be doing your good deed for the day.

Monday 16 March 2009

Pop Music

If you love to be kept up to date with the latest pop gossip, click on www.popjustice.com. This site gives you a daily account of what’s going on in the showbiz world, and insider news on what your favourite celebrities have been getting up to. There’s also news on the latest releases and upcoming gigs.

Sunday 15 March 2009

Expert Village

Need an expert? We cannot all know everything so it is good to know there is a place on the web where you can find someone who does.

Take a look at www.expertvillage.com as this site has lots of great instructional videos to help you accomplish a variety of tasks from using a block plane to applying the perfect mascara for your wedding day.

Click the categories tab to browse through the content by subject. Most films are placed in a series, allowing you to step through the various stages of a topic in small bites.
You must remember that these people are experts, not presenters, so a lot of the content is quite dry.

But the level of detail and knowledge contained in them is very impressive - and it is all totally free to watch.

Saturday 14 March 2009

Start Killer

At www.tordex.com you can download Start Killer which does exactly what it says on the tin.

If like me you often have a lot of programs and documents open at the same time, your task bar can get very crowded. This makes it hard to find what you are looking for.

Start Killer is a simple but effective tool to free up a little more valuable real estate at the bottom of your screen. After downloading and installing, when Start Killer is launched, it starts ridding your screen of the Start button.
When you close the program, your button comes back. And if you want occasional access to the Start button while you are working just use CRTL and Escape, or the Windows key on your keyboard.

Friday 13 March 2009


Have you backed up your data this week? How about that laptop or PDA you so nearly left on the bus last night? Despite being simply lost without the data on our computing technology, so many of us just do not bother to back it up. This product makes it so simple to do this that there really is no excuse.

At www.goodsync.com you will find the excellent programme designed to give you a quick and easy way to keep all your information regularly synced up, so you need never lose it again.
This application is really quick and easy to use, whether you are synchronising the data between a laptop or PDA and your desktop machine. Or transferring folders onto a memory stick to take out on the road with you, or backing up your folders to an online storage facility

You need to state the two locations you want to sync up, including a URL if you want to work with an online source, and then just click analyse to have the programme review and mark up any changes to the data.

Thursday 12 March 2009

Nosy Neighbours

If you’re in the process of selling your house, it’s good to know how much other properties are going for in your area. Mypropertyspy.co.uk gives you access to property sale prices, dating back as far as 2000. Just type in your postcode and sit back for hours of compulsive viewing.

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Around The World

If you’re off on your holidays you might want to take a look at worldtimeengine.com and find out what the time is at your chosen destination. Just type in any country, city, point of interest or postcode and picture that you’re there already.

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Award Yourself

If you’re having one of those days where you feel insignificant, visit www.partycubicle.com. This site lets you print off certificates to make yourself feel important. So today you could just be an office worker, but by tomorrow you can be The World’s Greatest Love Machine. Just be careful where you hang up your certificate, because people at your work might not agree.

Monday 9 March 2009

Funny Names

It might be childish, but most of us laugh when we see a funny name in a telephone directory. www.funnyname.com lists hundreds of hilarious names from the yellow pages for you to browse through. Some of the best names include, Lunatic Fringe and Running Waters.

Sunday 8 March 2009


There are many great websites offering stuff for free these days. So how do you fancy a free 10-minute phone call to anywhere in the world? Try www.poketalk.com

At first glance Poketalk.com seems too good to be true, but aside from any incoming charges such as roaming fees for using your mobile abroad, these calls are totally free and you do not need a microphone or headset to proceed.

Calls are paid for by the sites advertising and all you have to do is sign-up and put in a request giving the number you are calling from and the one you want to connect to.

Within a very short while - it took about five seconds for me - you will hear your phone ring. Pick up and you will hear a dialling tone as you are connected to your call.

You are limited to 10 minutes, and not every country is covered, although the list is quite impressive. Check out the destinations tab to learn more.

It is worth noting too that in some countries you can only make calls to and from landlines. But altogether this is an astoundingly simple and useful service.

Saturday 7 March 2009

Finer day

Everyone is talking about social networking sites. There are oodles and oodles to choose from - but for some people the internet is a complicated and sometimes frightening place.

If you know someone who feels that way about the online world then perhaps www.finrday.com is the place for you to connect?

After logging in for the first time you will be prompted to invite your family or friends to join your closed network. There is a very clear video tutorial to help you do this.

All the buttons and text are presented in large contrasting fonts, making it super easy for those with poor eyesight to find their way around.

In fact the whole website concept was designed by a qualified care home worker who wanted to provide an online networking service for older people to enjoy and feel safe in.

It is early days for the site so some of the services are not yet available but you can send emails and share photos, simplifying the family communication tools into something that even your great grandmother should feel comfortable using.

The site has already been translated into Welsh, Polish and Punjabi

Friday 6 March 2009


Mobile connections are the new window to the online world, but not every website creator has done what they can to optimise their site for your roaming viewing. That is where Mobile Leap can help.

Check out http://mlvb.net

The site acts as a portal to all other sites on the web, stripping them out and reformatting them so that you can easily view pages on your handheld device.

Go to Settings when you first launch it to set the dimensions of your screen and how you want the information displayed. This enables you to include as much or as little detail as you think your mobile can take.

As well as having the images re-sized to more mobile-friendly dimensions you can also chose to run text only.

This and having all the ads and excess html stripped out will really help with loading times, especially if you are running a sketchy connection.

Thursday 5 March 2009

Punk At Heart

Who ever said that the spirit of punk is dead? www.punk77.co.uk gives you the complete history of UK Punk Rock. Featuring an A to Z of punk bands, rare record sleeves, fashion and lyrics, you can get lost remembering the days where anarchy ruled the waves.

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Top Table

If you burn your toast, and undercook the chicken, now might be the time to seek some culinary help. www.topsecretrecipes.com brings the recipes of your favourite restaurants into your kitchen, by helping you create your own menus and learn the tricks of the trade.

Tuesday 3 March 2009

The Queen’s English

Do you ever laugh when a foreigner makes a mistake while using the Queen’s English?

Engrish.com documents the hilarious misuse of English by the Japanese. Favourite include the Woops Hair Salon and Colon Chocolate Bars.

Monday 2 March 2009


www.frixo.com is a road / motorway traffic reporting site and it may be a useful resource for anyone travelling on the roads.

It gives users up to date information as the site gets updated every 3 minutes via feeds from various sources including the government's official Highways Agency site.

Frixo provides current Road Traffic Reports. It's a free service aimed at giving you live traffic news and information. Frixo specialises in traffic news and reports making it easy to use whether you're about to make a journey or out and about using our mobile service.

All you need do is select by city, motorway or a-road you want to travel on followed by the direction, then just click Get Report to get the latest live updates and traffic information. ( any delays, incidents and information will be outlined that will affect your journey).

DJing Tips

If you dream of becoming a DJ, there’s one website that is packed with tips and techniques that are sure to get you hitting the decks. www.djforums.com holds reviews of equipment and online video tutorials for scratching, mixing and maintenance. And if you’ve got any questions, just ask other visitors to the site via the forum.

Sunday 1 March 2009

4 weeks til Summer

Today is 1st March. Exactly 4 weeks today British Summer time begins when the clocks go forward an hour meaning lighter nights.

If only it would bring the good weather with it. I would like to look forward to more barbeques and friends round having a good time but we never get the weather for it.

This leads me nicely onto this site www.weather-forecast.com/locations/BarrowInFurness which will give you the weather fgor the Barrow and Furness area.

If you want the weather for elsewhere then try www.weather-forecast.com