Thursday 25 January 2007


Heres your chance to do something positive.Check out Giving blood is a great thing to do as national supplies are in constant need of topping up. But if you`re worried about fainting or the nurse taking too much blood then have a look at this website. It’s a simple but informative site and will dispel your fears and talk you through the process. There are even games to keep you entertained.

Wednesday 24 January 2007

Life made simple

Wednesdays website review discussed a self help site at and is described as a website about personal productivity, life hacks and simple ways to make your life that little bit better. From bad email habits that all of us should lose, to ideas for making use of the dead time between doing other things, there’s something for everyone here.

Life Hacker is a site which explains aspects of life outside the computer as well as inside. Lifehacker deals with making your computer use more productive. That said, it does include advice on recovering a scratched CD using polish, and other household tips. The software section is also full of excellent downloads.

Monday 22 January 2007

Food for Thought

Tonights website review is all about ordering a "Takeaway" on line.

When its so cold outside its often too much of an effort to leave the warmth of the house which is where comes in. It’s a handy online service for ordering takeaways without leaving the sofa All you do is tap in your postcode and the site will find participating places in your area. You can also recommend any that arnt listed .Full menus with price guides are provided online so make your choice and wait in the comfort of your own home for the delivery.

Thursday 18 January 2007

Taxi Tales

On Thursday 18th Jan 2007 I managed to catch up with the man who is the anonymous Barrow taxi driver who writes a column in the Evening Mail every Friday night about his job. We recorded an interview and this was broadcast on tonights show as part of the web site review feature. Check out our anonymous taxi drivers funny stories and read about his life as a taxi driver in Barrow at and feel free to leave him a comment. There is even a clue to his real identity on his website.

The interview is available for download at


Wednesday 17th Jan 2007 saw me reviewing is well worth bookmarking and returning to again and again. With featured recipes and seasonal dishes displayed on the opening page, the design of this website is really welcoming, and very easy to navigate. You can search for a particular dish using the search box at the top, or browse through the collections using the "Popular" menu on the left.

One feature I really like is that you can choose to search by ingredient, either to be included, or not included. Just click ingredient search by the search box and then list the things you have in the cupboard, or do not like and do not want to use.

Tuesday 16 January 2007

Low Furness

Tuesdays website review was a local website dedicated to "Low Furness". is a local website about the furness area of South Cumbria and here you can discover a fascinating corner of hidden Britain.

Few places in Britain can boast as much rural variety as this; miles of wild and diverse coastline to explore from the endless sands of Bardsea beach to the raw and atmospheric reaches of Roa Island and Piel Island. Inland, rich farmland, small hamlets and woods rise to reach the limestone pavements and heights of Birkrigg Common with its panoramic views of Morecambe Bay and of the nearby Lakeland fells.

As well as providing much of interest in its own right, Low Furness also provides an ideal base for visits to a wide area of South Lakeland and its fringes by foot, bike, bus, car, boat and even by steam!

Monday 15 January 2007

Flow Go was the website that I reviewed on Monday 15th January 2007 so nows the time to take a break from whatever you were doing and have a look at .The site features an array of funny cartoons, games, quizzes and gags and is updated daily.As well as mindless entertainment the website also has ecards so you can put together your own greetings card for less than the cost of a stamp

Thursday 11 January 2007

Portable Applications was the website review on Thursday 11th January 2007 and this was all about portable applications. Now you can carry your favorite computer programs along with all of your bookmarks, settings, email and more with you. Use them on any Windows computer. All without leaving any personal data behind.This site provides a truly open platform that works with any hardware you like (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc). The Portable Apps Suite™ is free. It contains no spyware or advertisements and is a full version. There is no additional hardware or software to buy. You don't even have to give out your email address. It's 100% free to use, free to copy and free to share.

Monday 8 January 2007

Beer in the evening was the website reviewed on Monday 8th January 2007 and in my opinion a good pub isn’t always easy to find so this website is there to help you find what you are looking for in your area.All pubs are reviewed by their regulars and you can add your comments and reviews as well.

Wednesday 3 January 2007

Losing Weight

Check out Most of us could do with shredding a few pounds but lets face it, diets are dull and doughnuts are tasty. Boost your willpower by planning out your next fast on this interactive slimming site. You set your own goals and then get a daily rundown of how you are doing and best of all, its free.

Tuesday 2 January 2007

Mixing Drinks is the website review for today. [Tuesday 2nd Jan 2007] Lets face it, You cant beat a good cocktail on a night out.This website shows you how to make your own at home.There are over 14,000 recipes all searchable by ingredient so you can match them up to the contents of your spirit cabinet.The website also has links that are very useful to you with reference to any cocktail.