Friday, 30 March 2007

New Music

If you like discovering new music Pitchfork is a real gem.

Check out where you will find brand new videos and downloads abound on this picture-rich Flash-enabled website, so if you do not have Flash running on your computer you need to get it.

The busy homepage is in the style of a magazine, with columns of news, reviews, features and free tracks to stream from the latest releases. The search bar in the top left lets you seek out specific bands, with links beneath it to specific areas of the site. But while it is a virtual site of media content, navigation on this site can be a little annoying. The pages are typically quite long, with each feature or write-up presented in full so there is lots of scrolling down when browsing. However, the reviews are witty and incisive and peppered with MP3 tracks, with the occasional music video thrown in for good measure.

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