Monday, 22 December 2008

80's Movies

This website offers a little bit of retro chic with an 80s movies tribute site. Thinking about it, can anything from the 1980s really be considered chic? .... You decide.

Log onto and you will notice straight away on the website that its styling is very much in keeping with the 80s theme.

There is a lot of really neat stuff on it, despite the slightly unsophisticated look of it. The information goes really in-depth and the site's creator has obviously put a lot of time into compiling it.

There is a featured movie trailer on the opening page with the sections easily accessed in a navigation panel on the left.

Once you have selected a movie, use the new navigation panel on the left to switch between reviews. These include the trailer, music and soundtrack, behind the scenes, trivia, locations and even bloopers and goofs.

If you are inspired to start watching some of these old classics there is impartial information on where to get them. There is even a guide to which releases have been given the HD and Blu-ray treatment.

It is a brilliant resource for all of us who cannot get enough of big hair and even bigger shoulder pads.

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