Tuesday 22 December 2009

Chord Book

www.chordbook.com is the site you need if you are learning the guitar, or are a seasoned veteran working on composing your own songs, this website offers several really useful features to help you make the most of your musical talents.

The chords section boasts over 1,000 chords and inversions, and the interactive interface lets you actually strum them so you can get a feel for how it sounds - which could be a real boost if you are writing a catchy love song.

Click the My Chords link and hit save on the guitar to add a chord to your personal selection, which can then be played back in a loop - another useful composing tool.

There is a similar section on guitar scales, which will not only help you to learn but could also provide inspiration for a new style of music. And of course what guitar resource would be complete without a handy little tuner - so you need never play a bum note again.

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